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Don't just find a job, Discover a Career. We have many career opportunities available across New England. Below you can read more about the variety of opportunities within the National Lumber Family of Companies.

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Exciting Opportunities!

Wide range of jobs available at multiple locations

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Be Visible to Customers

Everyone on the team is necessary to keep everything running smoothly. But customers remember the people who directly give them great service.

Kitchen Views designers lead homeowners through the design journey of building a new home or renovating their home. In addition to designing cabinetry layouts, countless choices need to be made to select cabinets, countertops, decorative hardware, and more. Designers also work directly with builders and contractors to keep projects running smoothly.

Whether processing building material orders or selling paint, store employees help contractors and homeowners get the supplies they need to get the job done right the first time. Contractors need their orders processed efficiently so they can get to their job quickly. Homeowners may need advice to select the right products.

Delivery drivers provide important customer service when they deliver materials carefully, placing them precisely where the customer needs them to be on the job site, or lifted with a boom truck to the roof of a home under construction. Customers remember how they felt about a delivery, and when it's done right that brings customers back for future projects.

Excellent customer service is our focus and we're looking for enthusiastic people to join our team.

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  • Competitive Wages
  • Profit Sharing / 401k
  • Medical / Dental
  • Paid Vacations / Holidays

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Work Behind the Scenes

Customers rely on many of our employees to do their jobs well anonymously.

So much more than lumber...

While the public may only see National Lumber's retail stores, lumberyards, and delivery vehicles, so much more is going on behind the scenes.

When people become customers, they get to see the services available to help them with every kind of building project and home renovation — from the best employees in the industry.

Pro Insulators is a growing division of National Lumber, providing installed insulation for new construction and retrofitting. Having an expert team doing this specialty work frees up time for the builder's construction team and ensures everything is done up to code.

Behind the people serving customers directly, are even more support people working hard everyday to see that inventory is available, material orders get placed accurately, production runs smoothly, deliveries get scheduled, trucks are loaded, fleet vehicles keep running well, financial matters are handled, and so much more.

Within the National Lumber Family of Companies, there are also teams providing engineering services and manufacturing of structural framing components. Check out Engineering, Turnkey Framing, and Reliable Truss, our manufacturing division.

Be part of the team that keeps everything running so that customers get the best services and products everyday.

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