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Production BuildersContact our team to find out how we can help with your next project. Experienced engineers and designers on staff will meet with you to anticipate and address problems to find solutions before construction begins.

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Metrowest / North Shore
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Worcester-West, MA / CT & RI 
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Boston / South Shore
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Reliable Truss wood framing for NewBridge multi-residential development

Pre-cut Framing Products


READY-FRAME® is a new addition to our framing products.

National Lumber's EWP Division serves developers, owners, and production builders who specialize in large wood frame projects, such as hotels and motels, multi-unit residential facilities, and large commercial projects.

Production builders of new neighborhoods with customized homes can also benefit from our pre-cut framing products to expedite framing of high-end neighborhoods built with several structure styles before being customized for specific homeowners.

National Lumber has a manufacturing division, Reliable Truss, with extensive capabilities in providing a wide range of framing products.

Precision End Trimming

Wall Panels

Roof and Floor Trusses

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PWT I-joists and LVL

Build More Profitably

Going beyond engineered floor joists, National Lumber's Engineered Floor Systems provide a comprehensive structural plan that meets building codes, with precision end trimming, inkjet labeling and precut mechanical holes — saving time and reducing costs.

Stamped Plans

Precision End Trimmed I-Joists

Inkjet Labeling

Pre-cut Mechanical Holes

Insulated Rimboard

Insulated Headers

Learn About Panelization Advantages & Benefits


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