Rapid Frame® logo on protective tape over pre-applied adhesive

Pre-Applied Subfloor Adhesive

Pre-applied subfloor adhesive is the next cost efficient step in improving the framing process.

In addition, the subfloor adhesive in the Rapid Frame® system remains flexible, reducing unwanted noise transfer.

Trained workers running the special equipment to pre-apply the subfloor adhesive

Special Equipment & Training

National Lumber invested in the specialized equipment, training, and refinement of the process for pre-applying adhesive in our own manufacturing facility.

Close-up of Glue Area

Controlled Environment

Here at National Lumber, we’ll apply each I-joist with subfloor adhesive under the controlled environment of our production facility. Protective tape is then applied that covers the adhesive to protect it during shipment and from nature’s elements.

Worker removes protective tape from pre-applied adhesive so subfloor can be installed

Benefits on the Jobsite

How much time does your framing crew spend properly applying adhesive to I-joists before installing the sheathing panels? With only a 10-minute window after applying the traditional subfloor adhesive, only small sections can be done at a time.

Imagine eliminating that step and improving the process by allowing up to 24 hours to install and/or reposition the sheathing panels.

With pre-applied subfloor adhesive framers are able to put down one sheathing panel after another without constantly having to stop and apply more adhesive to the next section. How much time will that save your crew?


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