Rapid Frame® close-up I-joist interior structure

Rapid Frame®

Rapid Frame, exclusive trademark registered to National Lumber Company of Mansfield, MA

Rapid Frame® Engineered Floor Systems include Inkjet Labeling of Precision End Trimmed I-Joists, Pre-Cut Holes, and Insulated Rimboard.

Time is money. National Lumber's engineered floor systems with precision end trimming and inkjet labeling will save you time, and therefore make your jobs more profitable.

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EWP designer working on building plans using MiTek Sapphire software

In-House EWP Designers

We produce a three dimensional structural model of your project by importing the architect or engineer's two dimensional design into MiTek SAPPHIRE™ software. Once the design is complete, building plans are stamped by a Professional Engineer for presentation to the local building inspector.

Rapid Frame® installed I-joists seen from below, close-up

Complete Packages

Our Rapid Frame® engineered floor systems are complete packages. Our staff reviews your building plans and develops a comprehensive structural plan that meets building codes.

We specify all necessary hangers, connections and columns required for installation. Each piece is inkjet labeled, and bundled by floor for delivery.

National Lumber representative showing Rapid Frame® products to workers on jobsite

Benefits on the Jobsite

Materials are ready for installation at delivery. Our color-coded installation plans and corresponding labeled material provide you with an accurate, efficient, hassle-free installation.

With SAPPHIRE™ Viewer, a framer on the job can review a three dimensional model of the project to clarify any questions he or she may have.

Boise AJS® 24 FMJ fire protection for I-joists

Built-in Fire Protection

You have the option of requesting to specifically use Boise AJS® 24 FMJ I-joists. This product has met ICC-ES acceptance criteria for fire protection of residential floors and has passed the E119 fire test as required.

Construction Friendly

Boise AJS® 24 FMJ I-joists arrive at the jobsite ready to be installed.

• Web holes may be cut the same as with non-protected joists

• Non-corrosive to fasteners

• Has met stringent durability standards required by the building code

• 2x4 flange means longer, stronger spans; wider nailing surface

HIGH-Rim insulated rimboard shown on website, next to I-joists with pre-applied adhesive


HIGH-Rim, exclusive high R-value rimboard product of National Lumber Company of Mansfield, MA


• R-11 assembly insulates a difficult area in floor construction in one step

• Meets APA PRR 401 for non-structural rimboard

• Helps your project meet Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code

MA Stretch Code Overview PDF

MA Stretch Code Map PDF

Learn About HIGH-Rim


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