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Post Tension Podium Construction

Foundations are the key component of building multi-story structures, so you need a team with expertise in foundations.

Many multi-story wood framed structures are built over slab on grade and elevated podiums. The key difference for this project is that it was built over a Post Tension (P.T.) Podium, which requires additional knowledge, expertise, and experience to design, furnish and build a structure of this type. National Lumber Turnkey Framing has the experience and expertise needed.

Post Tension Podium

Shown here are photos of Post Tension Podium construction coordination, which is much different than a typical elevated podium. You can drill/epoxy on typical elevated podiums/slabs. With Post Tension Podium you cannot, due to the high-tension cables in the podium cavity. You cannot puncture or drill through them, possibly damaging any of the cables, without compromising the integrity of the foundation.

The photos show strategically placed hold-down anchors, placed by the framer who was provided complete dimensioned hold-down designs by National Lumber Turnkey Framing and assisted in coordination of installation.

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Double Guarantee

Double Guarantee

National Lumber's Turnkey Framing provides a Double Guarantee. We not only guarantee to hold the material pricing for the duration of the job, but also guarantee the material take-off to complete our work.


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