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National Lumber Turnkey Framing

National Lumber Turnkey Framing serves developers, owners, and builders who specialize in large wood frame projects, such as hotels and motels, multi-unit residential facilities, and other large commercial projects.

One area of expertise is Post Tension Podium Construction.

What is Post Tension Podium Construction?

Our team of framing experts will come to your jobsite and meet your production schedule.

Featured Customers:

Doug King Builders

Hanover Company

SWAP Maplewood

National Lumber Turn-Key Framing jobsite

One Source = Accuracy

We provide complete turnkey framing packages, as well as teams of professionals to frame each project.

Eliminate confusion between suppliers and framers on your project. Key structural components such as roof and floor trusses, wood wall panels, and all other lumber and building materials required for your structure can be accounted for by one supplier — National Lumber Turnkey Framing.

One team handles your project, so the risk of differing interpretations of your design is greatly reduced. As a result, your design requirements are understood from the beginning, straight through the process.

Because your supplies come from one source, we are able to design the most cost-efficient system to meet your performance requirements.

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Manager of Installation
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Commercial Sales, New England
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Double Guarantee

Double Guarantee

National Lumber's Turnkey Framing provides a Double Guarantee. We not only guarantee to hold the material pricing for the duration of the job, but also guarantee the material take-off to complete our work.

Double Guarantee

Turnkey Framing Summary

  • Accurate Project Preparation
  • On-Site Coordination
  • Material Packages & Labor
  • Cost-Saving Production

Read through our Turnkey Framing Presentation to learn how "We Lay the Framework for Your Success" and then call to speak to a representative about the details of your next project.


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